I feel like going light this afternoon, as I am going through loads of stuff in my life at the moment, I can’t talk about as yet…..so here is a real life scenario I hope makes you giggle.

I was at a cafe yesterday and ordered my usual  – a regular sized English breakfast cup of tea whilst working on my laptop. After about an hour and half at the cafe, an old friend of mine popped in with a mate of his. They naturally joined my for a chat. At this point I have to say my friend is white (English) and his friend black (probably of Nigerian origin with a London accent). So my friend’s mate ordered a cup of green tea and my friend ordered some orange juice. We talked for about 30 minutes and then they left and I carried on with working on my laptop. I needed a refill and popped to the counter to order another cup of tea. The more than enthusiastic lady at the till said with her American accent – “I know you want a cup of green tea”. Then I was like “err no, English breakfast please”. The witty me said to myself “err no, that was the other black guy”.  Anyways, I laughed at the scenario when I got back to my seat as she clearly just made a ‘they look all the same’ generalisation subconsciously.

Then today, I pop into the same cafe & guess what? I see the same lady at the till and she says – “I know – you want a cup of English breakfast tea” and I replied “Yes please, – you remember me from yesterday!” and she said “Yes” embarrassingly. She sounded like a very nice lady and clearly wanted to make amends for the ‘situation’ yesterday – its just the humour of subliminal generalisation that got me laughing.

Have a fun filled day guys – remember, ‘Pray for the best BUT be prepared for the worst’

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