We are all creatures of habit the saying goes. Forming new habits only comes through training oneself to perform a particular action, applying discipline through scheduling the action and then making carrying out the action consistent up to the point that it becomes a habit because it starts to be carried out naturally as a result of repetitive action over a period of time (typically over a 30 day period).

Consistency is key as it re-trains our brain.

This is not intended to be a New Year resolution post but rather a declaration of habits I intend to take up in 2012.

I already practice some of the actions that make up these habits but have yet to get them seamlessly integrated in my life as yet because they are not consistent.

Habit 1: Reading

To read at least 20 minutes a day. This would be a book and neither a work related book, blog or an online article but rather a book about fiction or an autobiography. I would start out with 20 minutes and then build up by 5 minutes every 6 – 8 weeks. I want to read more and pass this unto my son. I want reading to expand my thoughts and imagination.

Habit 2: Physical Activity

Take time out 6 times a week (Monday – Saturday) for physical activity. At the moment, I go for a 20-30 minute run each morning. This habit would not be confined only to running, I also intend to swim and engage in strength training. It would be great if I could also take up rowing as I currently live in Oxford (I would have to explore this option).

Habit 3: Meditate with Fresh Air

I have found that taking deep breathes in and out whilst clearing my mind works wonders to my overall wellbeing. I tend to do this in the park as I live very close by a park. It is SO relaxing – even swapping cigarette breaks with meditation breaks should lighten things up I presume.

Habit 4: Writing / Blogging / vBlogging

I dont write enough! I run a business blog that needs to be updated!
I intend writing at the start of the week (Monday) and the end of the Week (Friday) on my business Blog

I intend writing or editing blog posts that would be contributions in industry journals
I want to share my thoughts and expertise through Video also.

Habit 5: Family Time

I got married in April and we had our son in July 2011. I am a proud husband and father. I also run a time consuming business. I intend spending more time with my family by doing something together with them each week. The preferred day of the week is on Sunday – it could be going to a restaurant, taking a walk in the park or  visiting family & friends.

We should do things together and be in agreement as a family-unit with a unified mindset and shared fundamental values I disseminate as a father and a husband.


Focus on a New Habit Each Month:

Starting and repeating a new action each day over a period of 30 days allows for enough time to turn the action into a natural habit.


Power of Habit

Habits can be lifelong and most importantly positive actions.

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