Having just had my first child/baby, my wife put this poem to my attention. She was introduced to it in her high school years.
It is an African take on Europeans in their early encounters.
I think it personifies strangeness of Europeans in babies.
Brilliant and short poem – enjoy!

A baby is a European
he does not eat our food:
He drinks from his own water pot

A baby is a European
He does not speak our tongue:
He is cross when his mother understands him not.

A baby is a European
He cares little for others:
he forces his will on his parents.

A baby is a European
He is always very sensitive:
The slightest scratch on his skin results in an ulcer

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Probably applies to a number of ‘”beliefs”


Why Lord?
Why Lord?

Why do we have to wait?
Is what we await really great?
I’m not sure what you intend to create
But I pray that you give me faith

I’m no Abraham
I am only a simple man
I do all that I can
Simply waiting for you to give me guidance from a Psalm

As I wait patiently
My mind runs exponentially
But my heart paces slowly

Waiting to hear your Word
Please guide me oh Lord!

This a was a poem I wrote in earlier today at church, whilst reflecting on the theme – which was the Advent and the essence of waiting/patience.